Despite the name, Ephedrasil is not and never was based around ephedrine. They sell in a rather intimidating red bottle and they call themselves the “controversial weight loss phenomenon.” A lot of the controversy could be related to the name. But they claim it’s not ephedra, illegal, habitual, prescription, or otherwise dangerous. It is simply powerful and effective, and it will give you all of the greater weight loss results that you want.


Ephedrasil uses and interesting blend of ingredients such as green tea, l-tyrosine, valerian root, phenylalanine, St John’s wort, 5-HTP, citrus aurantium, and Siberian ginseng. This is certainly an interesting formula that is rather tame actually and nonetheless has some valid weight loss ingredients. Green tea for example, has been through hundreds of valid clinical studies while citrus aurantium has been compared to ephedrine in its effectiveness. But apparently, it does not really cause side effects. they have various other ingredients with an ever expanding list of benefits. And ultimately, it has the right amounts of each it would seem to show amazing weight loss results.



  • We don’t really see any bad with Ephedrasil.


We’ve seen reports of significant results with this formula.

It definitely has potential. The question is just this, how much can you actually lose? It has the right ingredients to burn more fat, and everything seems positive when it comes to Ephedrasil.

With customer reviews in mind, we would recommend checking this product out, it is worth a look. It may be just the thing that you need to really transform your body.