Dren is apparently the most powerful of weight loss supplements as a “thermogenic fat burner.” They claim it is so extreme that you would have to take a “hit of pure adrenaline stacked with ephedrine” to get the same results. But of course, it doesn’t have the side effects of all that. Still, we have to worry about that kind of claim and the truth behind it. That kind of power ultimately seems to come with a certain risk no matter what one might try to suggest.


They use a blend of ingredients that are capable of producing somewhat of a thermogenic effect with caffeine and lifting the mood with phenylethylamine and 5-HTP. This is in other words a kind of multi-effect product.



Mood lifters do not burn more fat, produce a thermogenic effect, or otherwise promote weight loss. In terms of their thermogenic ingredients, they have a small amount of caffeine, which you can find in any product. Now this amount of caffeine can still cause some side effects. But without results, obviously, there is nothing to balance it out.

  • Outside of that, they have yohimbine, which has actually been connected to some rather extreme side effects such as heart attack, stroke, and renal failure. But interestingly enough, it does not actually promote weight loss. Yohimbine is just a natural aphrodisiac.


We would not recommend using Dren. Dren is not capable of giving you the results you would anticipate or hope for, and it will not help you to lose weight in any way.

  • It may cause some extreme side effects, but results are highly unlikely at best. So obviously, there are far better options out there.