How Diet Plans Work

If you are looking for a weight loss program, it of course depends on what your particular needs are. Some programs provide more in one direction and others provide more in others. Now if you can’t follow the diet plan forever or moreover if it actually cuts out one of the major food groups entirely, it’s not a healthy or in the long term an effective diet plan, and you should ideally stay clear of it. And frankly, there are quite a few that use meal replacements and prepackaged foods.

You can’t buy those forever, and they often try to tell you that you can keep eating all your favorite foods. That definitely doesn’t work. The major prepackaged meal plans that I would eliminate include Jenny Craig, Health Management Resources, now Nutrisystem, OptiFast, and Medifast.

Diet Plans

Of course the HCG diet restricts you to certain types of foods and a 500 calorie diet that would help you to lose weight fast anyway and should actually end in you losing more than one pound per day making me seriously question it.

But there are others such as eDiets that let you customize your own meals and frankly that allow you to customize your own exercise plan to fit your lifestyle so that you can keep using it in the future.

They provide tips on recipes, diet, exercise, etc. But even though those are the most successful, they still depend on you to follow it.