Diatrin H

Diatrin H is apparently the as seen on TV secret to losing weight, keeping it off, and feeling great with the secret of the African tribesman. Could it have something to do with the fact that they generally go through serious periods of starvation among otherthings? Anyway, they claim that you can shop at the trendiest boutiques, get excited for summertime, and otherwise. And with Diatrin H, you will get the other natural secret to South African bushmen weight loss! So what does Diatrin H actually do?


They sell through multiple retailers, and while you would normally pay about $55, you can basically cut the price in half should you buy through an eBay seller instead from what we’ve seen. It is relatively well known and has already been through a number of challenges where others have actually failed on a general basis.

Diatrin H


They don’t actually have any proven ingredients.

The African tribesman are skinny due to starvation and they tend to have a distended belly due to malnourishment as well.

In every major study, hoodia has been disproven as an appetite suppressant or as an ingredient that would promote any other benefits at all. And the South African government has made it illegal to transport hoodia across South African borders. So obviously, you cannot get the real thing in the first place.


  • We would not recommend using Diatrin H.

It doesn’t have the right ingredients, the right amounts, or realistically anything else. It won’t help you to lose weight or achieve other results in general, and you would be better off using something else.