Dexatrim is a product line that has evolved through the ages. It was based in various years on basically all the popular ingredients of the time such as ephedrine. Of course, it has been forced to reformulate each time due to the fact that those ingredients have since been banned, and now they have various ephedrine free and otherwise legal formulas sold through multiple CVS Pharmacies and otherwise.


These formulas are of course widely available through multiple retailers, and though they only use the most popular ingredients, some of them such as green tea and synephrine are effective. Synephrine in the right amounts has even been considered to be a viable alternative to ephedrine in some cases.



They don’t have the right amounts as usual, and without a big ingredient to place all their hype on, they have come up short to say the least, producing only products that you could quite literally find anywhere else.

But with the fact that it doesn’t work, it is not sufficient to do what everybody else is doing anyway. They vastly overcharge, and they rely on a name that is tarnished at best.

But still, customers keep coming for whatever the reason may be. These products are far more likely to cause side effects than weight loss benefits.


We would not recommend using Dexatrim. It doesn’t have the right ingredients, the right amounts, or anything else that you realistically should be looking for. Each formula is based essentially around the same formula, and they will not help you to see the greater results you are looking for.