Cuur is apparently a Swedish diet pill that you will see through TV infomercials in general. They claim that you will get clinically tested results and they focus on a few select ingredients, or for the most part one. They have attracted many consumers by using TV infomercials, because studies have shown that even if consumers would actually prefer something else, infomercial products actually get bigger business results. But does Cuur actually have some kind of secret to greater weight loss than diet and exercise alone?


Cuur does have some proven ingredients such as green tea and coleus forskohlii. Green tea of course has been studied multiple times, and coleus forskohlii has been proven in amounts ranging over 1000mg in general terms. And of course green tea has other antioxidant related benefits as well.



They don’t have the right amounts of any ingredients let alone over 1000mg of coleus forskohlii.

  • In addition, they use yerba mate without using the ingredients that would make it work at all including damiana and guarana. So it’s all fluff and incomplete formulas in general. But of course they count on you not realizing this in general terms.


  • We would not recommend Cuur.

We would recommend staying away from it. It doesn’t have the results you are looking for, and it will not help you to see any greater results as a whole. You would be better off trying something else with real results and real benefits rather than trying to rely on the hype around a “Swedish” diet pill.