Cravex is apparently an appetite suppressant providing “clinically proven weight loss in one nice, attractively packaged product.” Why are they focusing on the packaging, that’s our major question. But anyway, it is produced by Natrol and can be found through multiple sellers at rather competitive prices. But unfortunately, the return policies and otherwise also vary with those. This being said, Natrol is a huge company and accordingly, Cravex is a huge product. The only real question is, for all of their varied claims, does Cravex actually work?


They use some proven ingredients such as garcinia cambogia, green tea, and caffeine. These could promote weight loss from various directions including fat burning and a thermogenic effect within the body.



They don’t have the right amounts of these ingredients, and quite frankly there’s nothing clinically proven about that.

They focus on the packaging, because they hope to distract you from the formula or rather lack thereof. It is incapable of the results you would want and desire in general terms.

And frankly, the whole not having a main seller really puts a damper on getting your money back among other things. But it can still cause some caffeine related side effects.


  • We would not recommend buying Cravex.

It doesn’t have the right ingredients, the right amounts, or really any promise in promoting the weight loss you are looking for. It won’t help you to lose weight at all, and you will likely experience more side effects than anything else. There are plenty of descent products out there, Cravex is just not one of them.