Cortislim is a formula that was based on the idea that it would target belly fat and help you to lose more weight without actually having to diet or exercise, because this stress hormone causes all excess amounts of belly fat. They were actually censored by the FTC along with various other companies making the same claims, and they have since had to rethink their advertising and basically limit it to belly fat targeting as a buildup of cortisol is a medical condition. But they get as close to the line as they possibly can.


They use some proven ingredients such as green tea and citrus aurantium. These will potentially increase fat burning levels while also suppressing appetite and otherwise increasing your metabolism for better fat burning results.



They don’t use the right amounts of the ingredients that do promote weight loss, and frankly if you are looking to reduce stress, these are not the ingredients for you at all.

They are entirely caffeine based and will cause stress and side effects related to caffeine, even in smaller amounts that are unfortunately insufficient to cause weight loss. Now this is better in some ways than those that are nothing more than glorified sleep aids.

But it’s rather contradictory at best, especially when they don’t use enough to promote real weight loss results!


We would not recommend Cortislim. It is contradictory to say the least, and being censored by the FTC is not a good thing, nor is it something that most seem to learn anything from interestingly enough, even with the amount they pay out. They targeted a medical condition, and they don’t even bother using a formula that could promote any weight loss at all.