Cold Temperatures Promote Weight Loss

Dropping excess weight without really changing anything and while working a desk job, I have wondered what the deal is. It’s not that I’m not happy about losing extra weight without the whole to do. But I wonder why. So I checked around, and quite frankly, the people I work with are polar bears, or at least I like to call them that, one of them in particular.

He sleeps with the window wide open in the middle of winter!

And then he thinks he’s perfectly normal, that’s not normal! But this being said, I happened in my search of this particular thing to find some sites that actually encourage anorexia, which is a horrible thing in itself.

But they talk about actually turning the temperature down, not enough to cause hypothermia, but enough to stimulate basically a response in the body to heat it up in order to fight the cold.

Hence why it’s just happening like this. But this being said, of course, it’s not necessarily the best approach to take. You should preferably speaking diet and exercise and basically take the healthy approach to weight loss and otherwise. Oftentimes, these kinds of methods won’t last to say the least.