Certified Acai

Certified Acai claims to be the ultimate way for you to cleanse your body and otherwise lose weight and increase your natural energy. They talk about it giving you all kinds of benefits that you might not otherwise imagine, and apparently it will outdo all the competition, being featured through various news outlets and otherwise. With Certified Acai, you will finally get all of the health and weight loss of acai in one pill!


Certified Acai is based around a superfruit that is well known in the industry. Superfruits, as strong or weak as they may be, have to have certain essential vitamins, antioxidants, and various other benefits to even begin to qualify.

Certified Acai


Frankly, there are quite a few other options that are stronger.

  • Actually, we are bigger fans of mangosteen if you are going exotic or blueberries when closer to home. But this being said, acai does not cleanse the colon, and it does not promote weight loss of any kind. In other words, it is a plain and simple scam.

The fact that they use a “free trial offer” to pull you in just reinforces that fact. And just to be clear, fruits in general do not promote cleansing or weight loss.


We would not recommend using this product. It is such a scam. It doesn’t have the right ingredients, the right amounts, etc, and they know it.

They know that you could clearly see it not only in your lack of results, but on paper. So to get your sales, they essentially speaking have to trick you. There are plenty of other useful and beneficial products out there.

You just won’t find them here.