Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit

Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit claims that you will finally be able to get the amazing digestive enzymes, protein, fat burners, and appetite suppressants that your body needs for optimum weight loss. Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit has supposedly been designed with true synergy in mind, helping you to achieve explosive energy with a formula that is completely stimulant free!

The Cellucor Kit


The Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit combines 3 major products that they say will give you better results together than any single product could on its own.

Some believe this to be nothing more than a way to make more money, and that may be true.

Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit

But were they to combine 3 valid formulas, you would multiply the benefits, getting more diverse and effective results than you would with just one! A kit could more easily combine an amino acid supplement, a creatine supplement, nitric oxide, and more with the right amounts. Most of the time, you also end up paying less than you would buying 3 separate products on your own.

But is Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit a good kit?

The Helpful

  1. Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit has a blend of all natural such as evodiamine, which is a potent and powerful, stimulant free fat burning revolution!
  2. Ingredients like evodiamine can provide the positive benefits of caffeine and other stimulants like ephedrine, but without any risk.
  3. Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit also uses natural protein.
  4. Protein provides the body and muscles with amino acids, which provide nourishment to prevent breakdown.
  5. But protein also enhances metabolism, and clinical studies have shown that those who use protein drinks lose more weight than those who do not.

The Damage Report

While we named a couple of good components, most of the ingredients in Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit have nothing to do with weight loss results. Even without stimulants, it can still cause more side effects because most of the ingredients included are fillers, not active weight loss ingredients.

Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit also has an ingredient called yohimbine. Some have suggested that yohimbine can enhance fat burning, muscle building, and testosterone levels. But from what we have seen, it has never been proven to do this. The only things that yohimbine has been proven to contribute to are heart attacks, strokes, renal failure, and kidney damage.

Are Evodiamine & Protein Powerful Enough?

In order to see results with any product, you have to have the clinically proven ingredients blended with the clinically proven amounts. The overwhelming majority of the ingredients in Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit do not back their claims

But if you are talking about the few ingredients that do, you will still find that Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit does not have the clinically proven amounts of any one ingredient.

  • Evodiamine only requires 200mg, and it is generally recommended that you use 24-26g of high quality protein. But Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit does not have these amounts even in all 3 pieces combined.

Our Conclusion

The Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit has strong advertising, claiming to help you to get extreme and even revolutionary weight loss results.

  • But from what we can tell, Cellucor Extreme Transformation Kit cannot stand on its own two legs in the harsh light of day. Most of the ingredients are far from clinically proven, and they have only small amounts of each ingredient used. For real workout and fat burning results, please check out our top picks.