Nobody Needs Bariatric Surgery

The rates of bariatric surgery are skyrocketing in the recent society and with the recent rates of obesity in this country. There are many turning to this last alternative thinking that it’s the quick and easy way to weight loss, and when certain stars have turned to it, they have become hated in some ways, because they took the “easy” way out. Now I definitely don’t encourage gastric bypass. Frankly, it only restricts your appetite, and if that works for you, well obviously you could have lost weight on your own and without it. There are effective prescriptions that will be combined with counseling on behavior modifications. They can cause side effects in many cases, but they work. Doctors are required to counsel you on diet modification among other things to encourage greater success. Continue reading

Negative Calorie Dieting

Negative calorie dieting has become quite popular in the past few years as we have learned even more about foods in general and dieting as a whole. It is an extreme that not many can actually follow long into the future, and so in some ways it doesn’t actually work, and these foods often lack certain elements we don’t think about and yet our bodies still need such as good omega 3 fatty acids. It’s best to get these from food rather than taking a bunch of supplements in general terms. Continue reading

Is Obesity Genetic?

Love them or hate them, if you are female, you are ultimately going to have some kind of breasts. Well if you exercise like a maniac and as an athlete, they generally go away as they are the first thing to go when you go anorexic. But frankly, I don’t particularly care for them, I’m not all that attached to them, in part because I associate them with weight gain. In most cases I’ve seen you gain weight they get bigger, and when you lose weight for most of us they get smaller. Continue reading

How Diet Plans Work

If you are looking for a weight loss program, it of course depends on what your particular needs are. Some programs provide more in one direction and others provide more in others. Now if you can’t follow the diet plan forever or moreover if it actually cuts out one of the major food groups entirely, it’s not a healthy or in the long term an effective diet plan, and you should ideally stay clear of it. And frankly, there are quite a few that use meal replacements and prepackaged foods. Continue reading

High Fructose Corn Syrup

They talk about high fructose corn syrup as being natural and otherwise. But there are a lot of advertisements from major food companies, and to some degree their claims of course have to be true. But they don’t have to be completely true in the way you would naturally think about it. This being said, for example corn syrup does technically come from corn. Continue reading

Healthy Snacks

The fact is that parents control a lot when their children are young, in that sense actually teaching them effective methods and habits for the future just by example and what they do. Continue reading

FDA Recalls Supplements Containing Aromatase Inhibitors

The FDA has released a statement recalling a number of different products containing aromatase inhibitors. All recalls are to some degree, voluntary on the part of the manufacturing companies. And most of these products were discontinued approximately 1 year or more before the recalls. But they say that now, they are being recalled due to serious dangers, side effects, etc that were previously reported, but largely in limbo. Continue reading

Does Fat Freezing Work?

Fat freezing is one of the newer alternatives introduced for your problems with fat buildup and targeted fat burning. Keep in mind the key word there would be “burning.” But much like the natural peptide known as argireline, which has been pushed as an alternative to botox, fat freezing seems to take the exact opposite approach while claiming to do the same thing. So does this logic work out in your favor, or are you simply stuck up a rabbit hole? Continue reading

Do Beer Bellies Come From Drinking Beer

Beer bellies are so named for a reason. So when people ask do beer bellies come from beer, it sounds rather funny due to the obvious name.

But it’s a valid question. I mean obviously not everybody who has one actually drinks, so it could well be caused by others, and to a certain degree, especially when you’re overweight in general, it does. They have actually found that other factors such as fatty meats play a huge part in belly fat. Continue reading