Why Use Diet Pills That Actually Work?

There are plenty of diet pills out there that claim to be effective. And most of them are not diet pills that actually work. Even if you do find diet pills that actually work, it’s not necessarily going to be anything great. And the question comes up, why are you using these diet pills? Continue reading

Tips For Weight Control

How Did I Get Here?

People with eating disorders have an unhealthy relationship or an obsession over food, but even people who don’t feel they have an eating disorder often turn to food for comfort. To learn to eat well and exercise regularly, you may also have to learn to handle the problems life throws at you without turning away from healthy eating and exercise. Continue reading

The Fallacy of Acai

Acai has recently been proclaimed to do everything from reducing weight to cleansing the body to actually reducing wrinkles. It is one of the top 10 superfoods, and there are some who have proclaimed it to be the #1 superfood in general, though this has not actually been said by Dr Perricone, Oprah, or any other public figurehead or professional in general. Continue reading

The Benefits Of Omega 3

Now of course we all know that quite frankly, omega 3’s are great for weight loss. Actually, you cannot lose significant amounts of weight without omega 3’s. Omega 3 fatty acids are good fats that essentially help you lubricate your systems and help them work better as a whole. Continue reading

Summer Camps & Weight Loss

Like it or not, it’s a good thing to get your kids involved in summer camps, in activities, in sports, etc. It gets them started early on really getting into activities, and it’s really a better thing in general. I went to these camps as a kid. Continue reading

Starting A Diet

Sometimes the hardest part of dieting is just getting started. We say we are going to start at this time, and then when that time rolls around, we either forget or something comes up like the holidays, family vacation, or some other excuse why we are not allowed to start our diet. But there are a few things to do if you are trying to really start a serious diet and stop making excuses. Continue reading

Signs Of An Eating Disorder

Now someone I know can’t admit that he has a problem. In fact he insists that cutting his meals down to 6 meals per day that consist of maybe one bite of food is healthy. It’s not healthy, it’s anorexic, especially when those are all extremely low calorie foods. Continue reading

Self Esteem & Weight Loss

Self esteem is a huge thing in weight loss. Many develop a low self worth, they eat when they are depressed, and it’s an endless cycle because they often feel depressed due to their weight, which only gets worse when they are eating because they are depressed. It can get fairly frustrating to say the very least. But this being said, the first step towards many achieving their weight loss goals is to realize that they are worth it. Continue reading

Protein is Necessary

We are all familiar with blackheads. They are those little black dots that cover the skin, and there are various ways to extract them. There are blackhead pads that can be applied with water, little metal blackhead extractors you can find at Sephora stores, and otherwise. Continue reading