Capsiplex gives you an all natural alternative to your average caffeine laden pill. Using just one powerful fat burner, Capsiplex will give you both clinically proven results and strong consumer reviews. Capsiplex can help you to burn up to 278 more calories than diet and exercise alone per day, and you can even get 50% discounts if you buy it from their main website. With Capsiplex, you get a product mostly sold in the UK. However, it has been seen in some nearby countries. It sells for about $12 euros translating into approximately $25 American. They say that Capsiplex will help you to lose more weight. However, the question is, does Capsiplex actually work?

The Helpful

Capsiplex has a proven ingredient known as capsicum. Capsicum is a powerful and main component of something called cayenne. This can help you to increase your body’s core temperature, helping you to ultimately burn more fat. It will help you to take control of your own body and your own destiny. They say that Capsiplex is a comprehensive approach to true success. And they do have clinical studies to back their claims.


The Damage Report

Capsiplex does not actually have the right ingredients or anything else. It has one ingredient that promotes weak fat burning benefits at best, and it does not actually have the right amounts of said ingredient to produce even those small results.

With Capsiplex, you only end up getting that one proven ingredient, and you do not actually get the clinically proven amounts. Any one trick pony is weak at best, but it is especially applicable in this particular case. So obviously, this is not the product to use.

At the price of $25 per bottle, it is vastly overpriced when obviously, you could get a bottle of cayenne pepper for a few dollars at most, and you are getting the same effect if not better.

Does Capsiplex Work?

Foods can promote weight loss. If you use the right foods and natural ingredients, you can get better results and benefits than one might think.

  • However, Capsiplex is not actually going to give you those benefits. In a way, it’s like the green tea products that claim to have the equivalent of 50 cups of green tea.

Those must be 50 cups of extremely weak and filler based cups of green tea. Likewise, you could easily put more cayenne on your food with a $3 bottle of cayenne pepper than you would find in this particular supplement. So we would definitely recommend finding something else.