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Scientifically Advanced Appetite Control Formula That Puts an End to Diet Cravings!

Everybody could use some help to control the serious cravings that occur while dieting. This is where CactiCurve, America’s #1 appetite control and ‘cheaters’ relief supplement leads the pack. Researchers and scientists went the distance in developing the ultimate appetite suppression supplement available.  CactiCurve has been scientifically engineered to put an end to your cravings, suppress your appetite and reduce the absorption of sugar and fat calories.

CactiCurve is the fastest acting appetite control supplement available!

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The Science
Our scientists were tasked to develop the ultimate appetite suppressant and fat blocker – and that is exactly what was done with CactiCurve. They also went the extra mile by using only scientifically tested and clinically provencomponents.

What’s in CactiCurve that makes it unique from other appetite suppressants?

CactiCurve contains a one-of-a-kind blend of superior ingredients, engineered to quickly and effectively block fat absorption and suppress your appetite. Each serving contains 200mg Slimaluma®, 200mg Neopuntia® and 200mg Hoodia Gordonii. The ingredients found in CactiCurve work together to create the most powerful hardcore fat-burning supplement available!

Slimaluma – This wild, succulent cactus has been consumed by Tribesmen in India for centuries. It has been used as a “survival food,” and is counted on for its powerful appetite suppression and thirst quenching properties. “Caralluma is Nature’s Miracle Weight Loss Secret.”

Scientists believe that Slimaluma halts the “I’m hungry” signal sent by the hypothalamus portion of your brain. This leads to feelings of cessation and lower calorie intake!

Double-blind, placebo controlled clinical studies prove that Slimaluma™ supports significant weight loss while reducing appetite.

A recent double-blind, placebo controlled clinical study showed that test subjects taking Caralluma Fimbriata were nearly 20% less hungry than the control group who didn’t take it.

Even more amazing is that the test group taking Caralluma Fimbriata LOST OVER 70% MORE WEIGHT on average than the control group and dropped more than DOUBLE the inches from their waistlines.

NeOpuntiaNeOpuntia is nature’s most potent and effective fat blocker. NeOpuntia is composed of fat binding dietary fibers, called NeOfiber and NeOmicel. These unique fibers work by attracting and absorbing the fat from the food we eat and allow them to pass through the digestive system. The result is a reduction in the amount of fat that the body could absorb.

Hoodia GordoniiHoodia gordonii, (Hoodia) is the botanical name for a cactus like plant that grows in Southern Africa. Scientists have recently isolated several compounds in this amazing plant that are responsible for dramatic weight loss. This all-natural appetite suppressant is also 100% stimulant free. No shakes, jitters or headaches!

CactiCurve is America’s #1 Appetite Suppressant and Fat Blocker for a reason – IT WORKS!

The components in CactiCurve are backed by more than 10 years of real, scientific research, including clinical studies on key components with actual human subjects.

  • CactiCurve is the most scientifically advanced fat blocker and appetite suppressant available!

Due to the extreme difficulty in obtaining the ingredients in CactiCurve ane the overwhelming demand for this dietary supplement we have an extremely limited supply currently available. Orders are filled on a  first come, first-serve basis.
One thing’s for certain, if you want the most effective fat blocker and appetite suppressant available, don’t hesitate. Order it now!


What is CactiCurve?
CactiCurve is America’s #1 Appetite Suppressant and Fat Blocker! It is backed by more than 10 years of real, scientific research, including clinical studies on key components with actual human subjects. CactiCurve is the most scientifically advanced fat blocker and appetite suppressant available!

Are there any studies on the ingredients in CactiCurve?
Yes, here are some for your reference:

Two independent clinical trials were done on SLIMALUMA™

1. Clinical Trial at Division of Nutrition, St John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, India.

SLIMALUMA™ underwent a clinical trial at the Division of Nutrition, St John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore India during January to August 2003.

This trial was a classical, double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled trial on 62 subjects. The trial was conducted as per OECD guidelines on clinical trials, and in accordance with these guidelines, it was under the supervision of the Ethics Review Board of St John’s Medical College, Bangalore.

Results from this clinical trial were subjected to rigorous statistical analysis, using statistical tests are the international norms and approved for double-blind clinical trials.

The summary of analysis is presented below:

summary of analysis

Statistically significant differences between time points were seen in the active group for the parameters of body weight, body mass index, waist circumference, hip circumference, body fat, blood pressure and hunger levels.

Boody Weight :
Active Group : There was a statistically significant decrease in body weight in the active group between all time points.
Placebo Group : Although the weight came down in the placebo group, it was not statistically significant.

Body to Mass Index (BMI) :
Active Group : There was a statistically significant decrease in the body mass index in the active group between all time points.
Placebo Group : There was no statistically significant change in the body mass index for the placebo group.

Waist Circumference :
Active Group : There was a statistically significant decrease in waist circumference in the active group between all time points.
Placebo Group : There was no significant change in the waist circumference for the placebo group between any of the time points.

Hip Circumference :
Active Group : Statistically significant reductions were observed in the hip circumference.
Placebo Group : There was a statistically significant decrease in the hip circumference of the placebo group between visit 1 & 2, while there was no difference between any of the other time points.

Fat Loss :
Active Group : There was a statistically significant decrease in the body fat (expressed in kgs) in the active group of subjects between visit 1 & 2, and visit 1 &3.
Placebo Group : There was no statistically significant change in the body fat of the placebo group between any of the time points.

Hunger Level :
Active Group : There was a statistically significant decrease in the hunger level in the active group.
Placebo Group : There was no statistically significant change in the hunger levels in the placebo group.
Between Group Trends: There was a statistically significant difference in change in hunger levels between the active and placebo group.

2. Clinical Trial at Western Geriatric Research Institute, LA, USA.

This trial was done under my supervision on 26 patients and it followed the same double-blind format used in the earlier clinical trial.

Our subjects were taken from two active practices in the Los Angeles area. The subjects were randomly assigned to either the active group or a placebo group. The trial was carried out on 26 patients, 9 of whom were males. They ranged in age from 31 through 73. One patient nom each category did not show up for the final visit (dropouts).

All patients signed an informed consent.

The substance was administered as one capsule to be taken 30 minutes before each meal. Each subject was weighed (pounds) before and after completion of the study, height was ascertained at each visit, and the waist was measured in inches as well as the hips.

The hips were measured at the widest girth while the waist was measured at the umbilicus. In addition, the blood pressure was measured in a standard fashion at the brachial artery in the left upper extremity. From the weight and height measurements, body mass index (BMI) of each subject was ascertained.

This study was continued for four weeks. Patients were instructed not to change their daily activity pattern (exercise), or their food intake. They were told not to change their diet in any way from the preceding four weeks before they began taking the substance.

Summary of Results:

The study was conducted with 26 patients. Nineteen patients were on the active compound and 7 were on placebo. One patient from each category did not show up for the final visit.

Almost every patient taking the active ingredient lost significant weight. There was almost no weight loss observed in patients on placebo.

Out of 18 patients, 15 patients (83.33%) lost weight. Eleven patients (61.11%) lost about six pounds. The highest loss was nine pounds. Four patients lost one to two pounds, and two patients maintained their starting weight. One patient gained 17 pounds. This patient was found not to comply with the regimen that was requested, and indeed increased caloric consumption over the four weeks.

  • It is significant that patients with a higher BMI lost more weight. Thirteen out of 18 patients (72.22%) reduced their waist by 0.5 inches to 3 inches. Five out of 18 patients (27.77%) felt an increase in energy while on the active substance. Three out of six placebo patients (50%) gained one pound and one placebo patients lost one pound.


  • Both the clinical trials done on SLIMALUMA™ clearly demonstrated that there was reduction in hunger levels, reduction in weight circumference, reduction in fat and reduction in body weight in the active group of participants.
  • SLIMALUMA™ is a clinically proven, safe and non-toxic dietary supplement that can be used for the management of obesity, by appetite suppression leading to clinically significant weight loss.

References :

1. Kuriyan.R., et al. Effect of Caralluma Fimbriata Extract on appetite, food intake and anthropometry in adult Indian men and women. Appetite, (2006), doi:10.1016/ j.appet. 2006.09.013.

2. Ronald.M.Lawrence and Suneeta Choudhary. Caralluma Fimbriata in the Treatment of Obesity. 12th Annual World Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine, December 2004, Las Vegas, USA.

SLIMALUMA™ has been proven safe by three toxicology studies done per exacting OECD guidelines and has achieved self-affirmed GRAS [Generally Recognized As Safe] status. More…

SLIMALUMA™ and the science behind it was chosen for presentation in the “First World Congress on Therapies Against Obesity” which took place in Paris in May 2006, under the category of being the latest innovation in the natural products field in the fight against obesity. The science behind SLIMALUMA™ was also presented in the 18th International Congress on Nutrition held at Durban, South Africa in September 2005.

SLIMALUMA™ is fully controlled by Gencor Pacific, Inc., from cultivation of Caralluma Fimbriata to distribution of the extract internationally, ensuring a consistent quality and supply. Caralluma is cultivated on our farms in India under organic conditions in a dedicated manner, making it sustainable, rather than destroying the ecology or wild harvesting endangered species. The extract is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Bangalore, South India.

  • SLIMALUMA™ has attained Organic status. The facility where the product is manufactured and the farm where the crop is grown have been certified “Organic” under USDA and EEC regulations.
  • SLIMALUMA™ is protected by U.S. Patent 7,060,308, and all clinical studies, safety work and the trademark are the property of Gencor Pacific, Inc., thus affording Intellectual Property protection for our clients.

NeOpuntia® Studies
A study conducted by the Science University of Toulouse (FRANCE), showed the hydrophobic properties of NeOpuntia®.

We observed a high rate of esterification of NeOpuntia® in comparison with several samples of cellulose. The esterification rate is an indirect way of controlling hydrophobicity. This explains the high affinity between the non soluble polymer of NeOpuntia® and the fats from the food.

These interactions are not pH dependant (as it is the case with chitosan) so NeOpuntia® acts in the whole digestive track.

BIO SERAE research team is still working to find out more details about NeOpuntia® structure.

Since the beginning, BIO SERAE R&D team has worked to set up a step by step scientific background. We now dispose of a reliable range of studies which point out the lipophilic action of NeOpuntia® :
Clinical study – 2006
Highlighting NeOpuntia® positive effects on blood lipid levels, associated with Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X).
TNO in vitro study – 2005
Measuring the lipophilic capacity of NeOpuntia® when incorporated in a traditional American breakfast.
TNO in vitro comparison study – 2004
Comparing the lipophilic capacity of NeOpuntia® and a branded Chitosan.
CERN Pilot clinical study – 2003
Measuring the lipophilic capacity of NeOpuntia®.
Complimentary research on fat soluble vitamins – 2003
TNO in vitro study – 2001
Measuring the lipophilic capacity of NeOpuntia®.

Clinical study – 2006

The latest study conducted on NeOpuntia® showed amazing results. This study, conducted on more than 60 people, revealed another facet of NeOpuntia® : beyond its weight management properties, NeOpuntia® offers further health benefits.

The study highlighted the positive role of NeOpuntia® in balancing blood lipid levels (HDL & LDL cholesterol), parameters which are linked to Syndrome X* diagnosis…. More in details :

       * On day 14, NeOpuntia® tripled the benefits of a well-balanced diet, decreasing the LDL cholesterol level by 10%, compared to only 3% obtained with placebo.
* Most importantly, NeOpuntia® improved the level of “good cholesterol” (HDL cholesterol level) which is associated with a reduced cardiovascular risk**.
* And on day 42, near than 40% of women in the NeOpuntia® group were diagnosed to be free from Metabolic syndrome (Syndrome X).

NeOpuntia®, more than a weight management fiber : a fully qualified health ingredient for nutraceutical and food applications

*Syndrome X (Metabolic Syndrome) : the sum of non pathological disorders (including abdominal obesity) which would constitute THE cardiovascular risk factor.

**Lipid Research Program : the lipid research clinics coronary prevention trial results. JAMA 1984 ; 251 : 351-374. & Circulation 1986 ; 74 : 1217-1225.


TNO in vitro study – 2005

The results confirm lipophilic properties of NeOpuntia® – if compared to the previous results obtained with the same TNO model : associated to an American breakfast intake, NeOpuntia® absorbs about 23% of total fatty acids compared to a control.

This study is particularly interesting because fat binding capacity of NeOpuntia® is confirmed when the ingredient is added to a complex food formula, like a traditional American breakfast.

Further research is necessary to optimize the method of incorporation of NeOpuntia® with the meal. From the knowledge we currently have, applications in which NeOpuntia® can be mixed directly with the lipid phase of a food formula, are the one which might give a successful reduction of lipid absorption.

This study shows a real potential interest of NeOpuntia® as a food ingredient. Associated in food formula, NeOpuntia® could prevent some of the fat metabolism while keeping satisfaction linked to the taste of fat.

TNO 2005 Study

TNO in vitro comparison study – 2004

NeOpuntia® has been compared with a branded chitosan…. See the following page for comparison test.

CERN Pilot clinical study – 2003

BIO SERAE conducted a Pilot Clinical Study based on NeOpuntia®’s lipophilic properties. The cactus powder developed by BIO SERAE was clinically tested on 10 healthy volunteers aged 21 to 50 (5 women & 5 men) to confirm its capacity to attract fat.


The results of this double blind study, controlled by placebo, randomized and crossed on 2 groups suggest that the daily consumption of NeOpuntia® for one week favours the excretion of fat.

The study showed that the quantity of fat excreted compared to the quantity ingested increased on average by 27.4%, when taken NeOpuntia® compared to placebo.

Complementary researches: fat soluble vitamins & bile acids

Based on the complementary results obtained thanks to the different studies BIO SERAE conducted, we now know that:
* NeOpuntia® does not bind in a selective way to fat-soluble vitamins A and E either in vitro or in vivo.
* Due to the effect of its fiber and its method of working, NeOpuntia® collects some of the bile acids and makes them unavailable for digestion of lipids by pancreatic lipase.

TNO in vitro study – 2001

The lipophilic capacity of NeOpuntia® was tested in a dynamic in vitro model of the gastrointestinal tract. This model very closely simulates the human digestion conditions of fat. This study was conducted at TNO Nutrition and Food Research (The Netherlands).

2 grams of NeOpuntia® were added to a standardized meal consisting of 20 grams of sunflower oil, which was homogenized with 144g of skim yogurt. Various fractions were collected from all the gastro-intestinal compartments and the fatty acid composition was analyzed.

This study shows that NeOpuntia® absorbs 28,3% of total fatty acids during the 4-hour experiment time frame.

 Ideal NeOpuntia® diet program

Dietary supplements containing NeOpuntia® associated with a balanced diet and regular exercise are all what is needed to naturally help one’s control its weight.

Thanks to its lipophilic properties, NeOpuntia® will be of great help in support to any serious weight management program.

Hoodia Gordonii Studies
To their amazement research conducted by scientists at the South African Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research showed the Hoodia gordonii cactus contains a miracle molecule that kills the appetite and attacks obesity, is organic, with no chemicals added and no known side effects. The previously unknown magic molecule was named P.57.
This was followed by the first human clinical trial conducted by Phytopharm in which a group of morbidly obese men and women was chosen from Leicester, England, and placed in a “phase 1 unit”, a place as close to prison as it gets. All the volunteers could do was read, watch television — and eat. Half the group were given Hoodia and half were given a placebo. At the end of 15 days, the group on Hoodia had reduced their food intake by 1000 calories a day. Given the average daily diet is around 2200 calories, this was a stunning success.
More recently, in two double-blind studies (the only proof accepted by the established scientific community) lean and obese laboratory rats were given Hoodia which strongly suppressed their appetites and caused major weight loss in the obese rats and moderate appetite suppression and weight loss in the lean rats. Hoodia also induced a modest drop in the rats’ blood sugar levels, and no adverse side effects were reported.
Van Heerden FR, Vleggaar R, Horak RM, Learmonth RA, Maharaj V, Whittal RD. Pharmaceutical compositions having appetite suppression activity. United States Patent 6,376,657, issued April 23, 2002.
Tulp OL, Harbi NA, Mihalov J, DerMarderosian A. Effect of Hoodia plant on food intake and body weight in lean and obese LA/Ntul//-cp rats. FASEB J 2001 Mar 7;15(4):A404.
Tulp OL, Harbi NA, DerMarderosian A. Effect of Hoodia plant on weight loss in congenic obese LA/Ntul//-cp rats. FASEB J 2002 Mar 20;16(4):
Habeck M. A succulent cure to end obesity. Drug Discovery Today, March 2002, pp 280-281.

NeOpuntia® Info

NeOpuntia® is a 100% natural lipophilic fiber for weight management and a HI silver award winner in 2004 for the Most Innovative Health Ingredient :

NeOpuntia®, a result of a long development process, is made from Opuntia ficus indica cactus via a patented process.

NeOpuntia® can interact with fat thanks to its extraordinary lipophilic capacity.

NeOpuntia® is backed by strong scientific research. The latest clinical study shows its positive effects on blood lipid levels and related Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X).
NeOpuntia® can be added as an ingredient to dietary supplements and to functional food and beverages.

NeOpuntia® is a safe, high quality ingredient : 100% green and natural, GMO-free & allergen-free. NeOpuntia is EU Organic certified, with Kosher and Vegetarian approval.

Diet Tips??

1- Eat lots of fruit and vegetables

General daily recommended dose is 5 different fruit or vegetable. Healthy snacks, delicious desserts, juice, purée, or natural… There is a lot of way to eat Fruit & Vegetable.
The best thing is to eat seasonal products : healthier, with higher content in vitamins & essential compounds. It is also one of the best way to support sustainable development : seasonal fruit and vegetable are grown naturally, do not require as much chemical fertilizers and are not imported uselessly from very far. So why hesitate, and taste them when it is time !

Spring : strawberries, cherries, green peas, carrots, radish, asparagus, …
Summer : peach, apricot, raspberries, cucumber, salad, tomato, aubergines, …
Autumn : chestnuts, pears, kiwis, grapes, figs, artichokes, spinach, sweet peppers, …
Winter : nuts, oranges, clementines, apples, endives, leeks, grapefruits, …

2- Drink lot of water
All along the day, it will help to drain body toxins, and will also provide a “full” sensation. There is lots of way to drink water : plain water, sparkling water, mineral water, hot tea, etc. …

3- Do Exercise !
Why not starting with subscribing to a fitness program, or taking tennis lessons ? It is certainly easier to do sports with other people than alone !

And even people not really found of sports can do some work out without even thinking about it. When weather is nice, one can go walking or biking to work – or, stop one bus stop before, and do the rest walking – or, switch from the lift to the stairs at least once a day.