Generically known as phendimetrazine, Bontril actually is a prescription medication manufactured by Carnick Laboratories. It is meant to be used as an amphetamine class product based on amphetamine grade ingredients. It is therefore comparable in some ways to Phentermine which also explains the similar name. It is among the other popular prescriptions out there for this reason. Amphetamine class products are among the most popular prescriptions. But they are also highly controlled and never meant for long term use.


Using amphetamine class ingredients, it could potentially cause appetite suppression and related weight loss. It stimulates the central nervous system, and people eat less, losing about 10-15% more. Some have speculated as to the other possible weight loss benefits of amphetamine grade ingredients in general, depending of course on the individual.



Unfortunately, it can cause quite a few side effects, some more serious than others, and many find that the benefits do not outweigh the risks. Some of the more severe would include hallucinations, abnormal behavior, and confusion.

  • But more common is a dependency even after the product stops working at some point in time. Actually, after just a few weeks, it stops promoting weight loss, and at that point, it can cause sudden and severe weight gain.


You should not take Bontril. There are other over the counter options that do not cause side effects and can promote significantly greater benefits. This is also quite expensive as a prescription, and we would honestly suggest looking elsewhere for greater and safer results, especially when Phentermine has the same side effects but greater benefits, hence why it’s so much more popular.