Birth Control Weight Gain

There have been reports of actually gaining weight in some individuals when they are taking birth control. When you take hormones like that, there is frankly going to be some impact on your body. For some women it’s good, while for others it’s obviously bad or somewhere in the middle.

So it’s important to give it a chance to settle down, but also to try different things if they are not working for you.

Frankly, the most frequent reports I’ve heard were about 5-10 pounds of weight gain, which they could lose after that if they were to use a good diet and exercise plan, or I’ve heard of some using a good diet and exercise plan who just experienced a temporary stall in their weight loss results, which could be fairly normal.

However, again they were able to get back on track after a certain period of time.

  • Different birth control methods obviously have different side effects and problems, and this is part of the reason why it is important to try around in some cases if something is not working the way you want it to in order to find something that will.

However, once you do find it, the consequences are far outweighed by the benefits, and many have found themselves getting rid of many PMS problems among other things.