The Benefits Of Omega 3

Now of course we all know that quite frankly, omega 3’s are great for weight loss. Actually, you cannot lose significant amounts of weight without omega 3’s. Omega 3 fatty acids are good fats that essentially help you lubricate your systems and help them work better as a whole.

This being said, they moisturize the skin properly, and they have various other benefits. You can find them in avocados, most fish, walnuts, flaxseed, and various other sources.

They also reduce inflammation, which has actually been blamed by some obese individuals.

But that inflammation could also be lessened in some individuals by drinking more water and flushing things out.

This being said, now they have come to the conclusion that they can also help the joints and eyes.

I can see this. The joints and eyes need cushioning, and frankly water provides this. But also the omega 3 fatty acids and sometimes the proteins and otherwise found in fish for example, will provide that cushioning and those benefits.

  • With the eyes, oftentimes you get problems when you take Accutane, because again it dries up all those fluids that your body needs.

There has now just been a study conducted and published in the American Journal of Pathology that has shown that Omega 3’s will reduce the effect of age related macular degeneration on sufferers and elderly people across the world, therefore preventing many cases of legal blindness across the world.