Do Beer Bellies Come From Drinking Beer

Beer bellies are so named for a reason. So when people ask do beer bellies come from beer, it sounds rather funny due to the obvious name.

But it’s a valid question. I mean obviously not everybody who has one actually drinks, so it could well be caused by others, and to a certain degree, especially when you’re overweight in general, it does. They have actually found that other factors such as fatty meats play a huge part in belly fat.

But back to the subject at hand, do beer bellies come from beer? To some degree, yes. Beer is obviously high in calories and harmful elements, even the “light” beer. Therefore, you are more likely to gain fat and calories in general as well as fat in the belly.

Do Beer Bellies Come From Drinking Beer

But studies have specifically shown that much of the fat associated with beer and alcohol in general for that matter actually builds up in the belly area.

Therefore, beer bellies are appropriately named. Now it’s most likely not going to occur if you have an occasional drink with your friends.

You obviously have to be honest with yourself about how much you are drinking. 1 drink on Saturday night is not exactly the same thing as 10 drinks on Saturday night.

That’s why I’ve seen quite a few people who drank every weekend and drank quite a few drinks every weekend who lost upwards of 30 to even 50 pounds in a short amount of time when they stopped drinking, I know, that’s a lot of weight. It doesn’t work that way for everybody. But their drinking was a bit excessive. So if you want to drop the belly fat, try dropping the beer.