Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp claims that Barry Jay, a man who claims to help you to achieve results, was just an ordinary citizen before. They claim that he got a job at a gym andhe found his calling being at a desk job. You would think he would be a trainer there or at least teach a class to be qualified at all. But that being said, we may as well give it a fair chance.


They actually have 5 workouts. Sometimes your body gets bored with a workout and used to a workout in general. This being said, it is the idea behind P90X after all, muscle confusion. They also focus on muscles, which ideally help you to maintain results by speeding up metabolism.

Barry’s Bootcamp


The problem is that you have to actually be able to burn fat in the first place. You actually have to have cardio to burn fat. Cardio seems to be a background thing for them, and just because somebody claims to be a celebrity trainer doesn’t mean that they actually know what they’re doing. This being said, it seems that Barry’s Bootcamp doesn’t. It’s not like P90X, where you will get extreme results, as short lived as they may be. Barry’s Bootcamp will not help at all.


We would not recommend using Barry’s Bootcamp. It will not help you to actually lose weight and it will not help you to achieve any results. It will only frustrate you, because frankly speaking, Barry’s Bootcamp does not focus on things that would actually work. Instead, they focus on the hype of celebrity endorsements and otherwise.