Banital is the only formula that offers you “amazing weight loss or double your money back” as a guarantee. They advertise through TV infomercials, and they claim that you can eliminate the bad foods or at least the calories you take in from those bad foods to help you to lose more weight and get greater results as a whole. They even show several examples of apparently losing 25 pounds and 5 pounds quicker.


They have some proven ingredients such as green tea, cinnamon, and gymnema sylvestre. These ingredients could potentially suppress appetite, burn more fat, and control blood sugar among other things for improved and impressive results that you would not normally find with a diet pill.



They don’t disclose amounts meaning they don’t actually use the right amounts. Moreover, they actually have to use a scam “free trial offer” or “risk free offer” that ties you into an expensive auto ship program, because they already know their product doesn’t work. As far as the double your money back guarantee, you have to go through a long chain of steps starting with the idea that your doctor would actually recommend this junk product.


They offer a lot of scams and questionable tactics at best. This formula is not equipped to give you the results you are looking for, and it won’t help you to see the results you realistically need. It is just another scam, and if you really want to get your money back, minus a few charges of course, you should return within 30 days.