Avoiding Freshmen 15

Protein supplements are rather important, despite the connotations that come with them for women. Men generally use them to bulk up, and frankly they feed muscles. In general terms, I’ve found that women such as myself aren’t exactly interested in bulking up?but rather slimming down in most cases. There are some women who do bulk up, but many of us find them intimidating, and some have stated that they find themselves somewhat intimidating.

But the fact is that if you use protein supplements, it will actually help you to lose more weight and slim down by feeding your muscles. It seems rather contradictory to some of us. But it’s true. Your muscles need that greater fuel, and frankly they will break down in some ways if you don’t. Your body needs lean muscle mass to keep the metabolism up to some degree and keep burning off more calories in general terms.

The trick is to synchronize your workouts with the results you actually want.

  • Your muscles always need nourishment and you can build them or keep them lean as much as you want, unless of course you are talking about the calve muscles.
  • That is actually genetic and takes serious workouts to increase size, though decreasing size is highly unlikely.
  • If you want to be leaner, combine it with good cardio workouts.
  • Consider pilates or yoga, and you will stretch things out and make your body better able to function and improve itself in that way.
  • If you lift weights, which is realistically not a horrible idea, stick to small weights and few reps among other things.
  • This will help you to tone up without bulking up.

Of course, if you want to build more muscle, whether male or female, you should combine it with a heavier weight lifting plan.

You can consult your personal trainer or another expert, sometimes online, to figure out which workout plan is right for you. Working out with a friend can also give you greater motivation in actually seeing greater success. They can help you in your workouts, give you new ideas, and otherwise help you to succeed at a greater rate, even if that means being your not so friendly competition.

But if you use weight lifting in combination with your protein supplement, do not by any means forget about cardio.

Cardio is all important in burning fat so that you can actually see the muscles you are developing. Neither is really complete without the other in order to get the results. In addition, if you are competitive at all in sports and otherwise, weight lifting can actually strengthen your core and strengthen your results on any field, even if it’s cross country running, that is if you are actually working the right part of the body. But no matter your workout, a protein supplement is an important incorporation into a successful diet plan.