Avaprex claims that you will finally be able to lose weight. They claim to replace prescription prescription Adipex, and they claim that even if you don’t have the time to diet or exercise for that matter, you can still lose weight. It will apparently suppress your appetite quite effectively speaking helping you to consume fewer calories and therefore have fewer calories to burn off at the end of the day.


  • Caralluma fimbriata is a clinically proven appetite suppressing ingredient.


Hoodia is proven not to promote weight loss, and caralluma fimbriata requires an amount that they don’t use half of.


Actually, hoodia cannot legally be exported from South Africa. And frankly, all clinical studies have shown that it has no known benefits. This being said, we are not sure about all the ingredients they have, and we have no doubt that some may cause side effects.

Without 1000mg of caralluma fimbriata, they were dead from the start.

You cannot lose weight without diet and exercise, and frankly the fact that they even implied that, let alone said it, is obvious cause for concern.


We would not recommend using Avaprex. It will not give you the results you are looking for, and Avaprex frankly speaking will really only waste your time and money. Yes, it’s cheaper than the prescription. Most over the counter products are. This being said, the fact that it won’t work alone makes it completely worthless to say the least. They don’t haev any proven ingredients, any proven amounts, and you don’t even really know what’s in there.