Alpha T-1

Created by XPI Supplements, Alpha T-1 is the ultimate testosterone booster that will help you to effectively speaking increase lean muscle mass, strength, and of course testosterone by a whopping 400%! With Alpha T-1, you will finally be able to get the pump and mass that you have been looking for all along with an all natural and completely effective and safe formula. With Alpha T-1, you will get all of the results with none of the side effects or other problems.


Alpha T-1 has some amazing ingredients. It has the testosterone boosters known as eurycoma longifolia and tribulus terrestis among others, and it has the natural aphrodisiac known as horny goat weed. It has incredibly high amounts of all of these ingredients, and ultimately speaking, it can help you to burn fat, build muscle, and improve sexual performance and feeling. With Alpha T-1, you can without a doubt get amazing benefits that would not be seen with the common supplement, let alone the common testosterone booster.

Alpha T-1


  • Alpha T-1 is only made for men.


Alpha T-1 has record amounts of effective ingredients. It has 1000 effective milligrams of tribulus terrestis when most use maybe about 100-200mg. This being said, Alpha T-1 has been used by professionals and average Joes alike, because ultimately speaking, Alpha T-1 actually works, and it is completely legal! So we would definitely recommend using this one. It comes through in a way that most never could, and it is more than we would have ever expected in so many ways.