Alli is among the most popular diet pills recently introduced, because they are the first FDA approved over the counter drug to hit the market. They rely in part on a prescription drug that is supposed to block a certain percentage of your fat intake, and they claim that it is not so much a miracle weight loss pill as much as an aid in changing your life and the way your body works for you. Now we have seen prescriptions turned over the counter drug before. A classic example would be fen-phen, fenfluramine and phentermine. But is this necessarily a good thing considering fen-phen was banned?


This formula is a formula that keeps you honest. If you slip up, everybody will know about it. So this actually motivates many people to cut out the fat and really change the way they treat their bodies and approach weight loss in general terms.



Unfortunately, studies have shown that people actually lose less than they should with diet and exercise, and less than they should considering the diet plans you have to be on, and this is with the prescription amount, not the amount cut in half to be sold over the counter. The prescription amount promotes 5-10% weight loss in a year, which is not a lot, there are not tests on the Alli amount. You should be using that in a couple of months with healthy diet and exercise. This supplement causes severe diarrhea and other side effects, and it can interfere with the absorption of essential fat soluble vitamins. So obviously, there are quite a few problems to say the least.


The reason that you lose less weight is in part because you actually do need good fats.

  • Alli does not differentiate between the two types, it just eliminates fat from your diet, and with fat soluble vitamins for example, it can actually cause significant deficiencies in the process.

This formula does not help you to lose weight, and there is a reason that though others say results are not typical, all of their testimonials are still overweight.