Akavar is currently considered to be a “European miracle pill” that is apparently “changing concept of dieting in USA.” They claim that if you can’t lose weight, there are various reasons and if you just take 2 Akavar capsules before each meal, you will see the results and the difference in general and you will finally be able to battle the things that are frustrating your efforts. You will finally be able to lose weight almost effortlessly!


It’s relatively easy to find, it’s found on the main site. And they do actually use some proven weight loss ingredients that could burn more fat, reduce caloric intake by suppressing your appetite, and otherwise help you to get the results you are actually looking for.



They don’t have the right amounts of said ingredients using only small proprietary blends.

There is no “European” secret to weight loss besides actually controlling their portion sizes on their own and otherwise worrying about it enough to do something while the problem is small instead of waiting until it really becomes a big deal.

This being said, they have a number of ingredients that have nothing to do with weight loss, and this formula as a whole is more likely to cause side effects than anything else.


They rely on hype rather than substantiated facts, and they really don’t give you the results you are looking for. This formula is not made to help you to lose weight, it’s made to make as much money as possible for the manufacturers. You should really look for a more reputable product in general.