Advatrim claims that you will finally be able to lose more weight and achieve greater results for the new results that you need. They claim that you can finally lose significant amounts of weight and see other benefits in general without using ma huang and therefore without suffering side effects. This is because apparently it has alkaloids similar to those of ma huang. However, they are cousins, not siblings or mirror images of each other. So the question is, can Advatrim really give you the results that you are looking for?


This formula has two proven ingredients: citrus aurantium and green tea. Green tea is highly proven, and of course citrus aurantium has been compared to ephedra in its potential effectiveness and fat burning results.



They don’t have the required amounts of either ingredient, and those are their only two proven ingredients. Green tea requires at least 400mg, and like ephedrine, citrus aurantium requires at least 250mg.

They use about 1/10 of the required amounts. This being said, they don’t actually have anything that would really give you results.

In fact, most of their ingredients actually have no relation to any benefits, because they are glorified preservatives. And unfortunately, between green tea and citrus aurantium, they still have enough to cause caffeine related side effects.


We would not recommend using Advatrim. It doesn’t measure up to any descent standard, and it will not give you the results in general that you should be looking for. With Advatrim, you will only be wasting time and money when you could easily find something else that does work to be quite frank.