Adipo-X is the formula making claims about helping you to lose more weight and achieve better benefits than ever before. They claim that Adipo-X has all of the right ingredients, the proper amounts, and everything else. And ultimately speaking, Adipo-X can help you to burn more fat, while giving you results comparable to Adipex-P without a prescription and without all of the nasty side effects. They claim that Adipo-X is more than you might expect for the most part. But does Adipo-X actually work?


Adipo-X has some potentially effective ingredients. It has the clinically proven glucomannan, which can actively speaking suppress appetite. Likewise, they have theobromine, which can help you to ideally speaking burn more fat, and caffeine could too. Phenylethylamine is the natural appetite suppressant that has been most commonly compared to Phentermine, and the list goes on.



  • Adipo-X does have some good ingredients.

But this Axis Labs product also has a number of ingredients that have nothing to do with weight loss. Actually, Adipo-X does not have the clinically proven amounts of anything, and ultimately speaking, they have yohimbine. Realistically, yohimbine has been shown to have no known benefits in weight loss. But it also has a greater propensity toward heart attack, stroke, renal failure, and kidney damage.


We would not recommend using Adipo-X.

It does not help you to lose weight, and it does not help you to achieve any other greater benefits. With Adipo-X, you will not be getting any of what you are looking for, and ultimately speaking, it will cause more side effects than anything else. As the natural supplement, it’s supposed to be safer. But the only way in which Adipo-X really compares to Adipex-P is in the side effects.