Adipex is the most popular form of prescription Phentermine. It is currently sold only in the United States, uses a 37.5mg dose, and it’s the only one that has attracted followers and imitators outside of those using the Phentermine name. It has been highly successful and even a favorite among prescription diet pills in general. And people keep going back. Despite all else, consumers keep using Adipex over and over again to try to lose weight.


Adipex does produce results. It uses amphetamine grade ingredients to actively suppress appetite and some would say it actually burns fat because of its amphetamine grade ingredients. Either way, it only works for a few weeks, but it still leaves consumers flocking back to use it again in combination of course with counseling and monitoring from their doctor.



Unfortunately, it has been connected to various side effects, serious side effects in fact such as pulmonary hypertension, chest pain, hallucinations, depression, etc. It can also cause serious dependency issues, and sometimes it randomly causes sudden and severe weight gain.

  • And it only works for a few weeks at a time.

After a few weeks, your body you could say gets used to it. You will continue to suffer side effects at that point, even leading to death and psychosis in extreme cases. However, it stops promoting weight loss and can suddenly cause weight gain.


We would not recommend using Adipex.

It doesn’t have the effect you are looking for, and it won’t help you to lose more weight or achieve greater results in general.

It will only last for a few weeks at best, and the results definitely do not balance out all the negative and quite scary in some cases side effects. You would be better off choosing something safer at least.