Adipex-P is a popular prescription medication. It is more commonly known as prescription Phentermine, and they claim that Adipex-P will help you to stimulate the central nervous system and simultaneously suppress appetite. With Adipex-P, you can finally get the triumph you deserve by eating less and losing more. It has the ability to work as a natural amphetamine, and it is often used in combination with a doctor prescribed diet and exercise program in general.


Adipex-P can work. It actively suppresses appetite, and it is often combined with professional advice to allow you to find out more about how to live on your own in general.



  • Adipex-P is a short term supplement.

By short term, we mean a few weeks. After a few weeks, Adipex-P actually abruptly stops working. At that point in time, it may or may not cause sudden and severe weight gain, and many have suffered addiction. You should never increase your dosage as it will not make it any more effective. This being said, it has been associated with many serious side effects, even heart attacks, psychosis, etc. This is why those who have heart problems, are on MAOI’s, have a history of drug abuse, or basically speaking have just about any medical disorder cannot take it. But even those who are basically healthy and still qualify, because you have to be obese to take Adipex-P, can suffer these serious problems.


We would not recommend using Adipex-P. It has been used in extreme cases before thinking about surgery.

And quite frankly, many have found it to be quite effective.

But its results are short lived at best, and it can cause some potentially serious problems and side effects that just aren’t worth it in the end, especially when you can get more successful long term products that do not cause these given problems.