Adios is a slimming pill sold mainly in the UK. It has been seen on TV commercials there, and they claim that Adios will naturally boost metabolism, suppress appetite, and so much more. Adios is the formula meant to help you to lose weight for about $28 American or 14.08 pounds. They talk about giving you this incredibly low price on an all natural formula that will not cause any greater problems. But does it work?


Adios has all natural ingredients including one ingredient known a dandelion root. In some cases, dandelion root has been used for cleansing purposes if used correctly.



  • Adios does not have any other ingredients that apply to weight loss at all.

This being said, its ingredients are mostly those like butternut squash. In this particular amount and combination, dandelion root is more likely to cause some side effects related to diuretics than anything else. Adios does not actually have any other ingredients that would realistically speaking be helpful, and as you can see, there are more issues with Adios than there are good points in general.


We would definitely recommend that you find something other than Adios to lose weight. Adios does not actually have the right ingredients, the right amounts, or anything else.

With Adios, there are some side effects mostly related to dehydration. However, there are unfortunately no benefits.

They don’t even have cheap fat burners like caffeine. So obviously, Adios is not something that you actually want to check out.