Acomplia has now been discontinued by the manufacturer Sanofi Aventis. It was an extremely popular product in the UK and other areas of Europe, and it was part of a new class of product meant to target the addiction receptors in the brain to reduce smoking and weight at the same time or at least prevent weight gain. Now it has been used in smokers who are trying to avoid the nervous weight gain as well as those who just want to do both at the same time. However, Acomplia has ben recognized as the first of its kind, using an ingredient called rimonabant.


  • This ingredient has been quite successful in helping users to quit smoking.


The problem was that first of all, it seemed to promote more smoking cessation than weight loss or maintenance, and second of all, it came with quite a few side effects including at least one recorded suicide.


Actually, many studies demonstrated the fact that Acomplia did not promote weight loss at all. This being said,whenever you target receptors in the brain, you are taking a certain risk. In this case, there have been some speculations that Sanofi Aventis actually covered up test results that showed seriously negative side effects before pulling it from the market. But either way, it didn’t work for weight loss, and it was obviously quite dangerous.


Sanofi Aventis only pulled the production of Acomplia after they couldn’t sell anywhere because all of the European nations allowing it actually put a ban out of their own.

They applied for FDA approval in the United States, and in some ways they continue to apply with the product under a different name.

But the FDA has never approved it and seeing the results in Europe probably never will. Either way, it’s not worth it. And if the FDA were to accept anything like it under a different name, we would be wary.