Accomplix is marketed as “America’s hottest new weight loss formula” apparently working for 87% of all people according to a clinical study. We have seen higher success rates with certain ingredients, but apparently that is “unheard of” in the diet industry at large. This is all according to their own marketing that they insist upon. Of course, it seems like everybody gives you “America’s hottest new weight loss formula” or #1 diet pill. And there are quite a few mentions of clinically proven results anywhere you look. But does Accomplix actually come through?


They do use natural ingredients that could potentially provide results such as green tea and guggulsterones along with citrus aurantium. To some degree, these have been proven in multiple clinical studies, especially green tea.



Unfortunately, they have only a mere fraction of the right amounts required for the greater success of these ingredients in general. Moreover, half their ingredients such as guarana and hoodia are fluff ingredients. Hoodia is disproven and frankly guarana only works when in combination with both damiana and yerba mate.

They don’t use anything else that would produce any results at all, and the ingredients are studied, not the whole formula. the greater likelihood is that Accomplix will cause a number of nasty side effects.


This formula is a sign of a scam to say the least. It won’t produce the greater results you are looking for, and you won’t lose more weight. You will just end up with the side effects related to caffeine among other things and basically having wasted your time and money at large. You would be better off finding something else.