Accomplix SF

Accomplix SF is the stimulant free and all natural form of the Accomplix formula for weight loss. With Accomplix SF, they claim that you will be able to get the greater weight loss results without any major side effects. Btu the question is, do you actually get results. They talk about fat burning, appetite suppression, and just about everything else. But is Accomplix SF actually effective or just another waste of time and money?


Accomplix SF has some potentially effective ingredients. It has the appetite suppressant known as glucomannan as well as ingredients like coleus forskohlii, another potentially effective appetite suppressant that also happens to build lean muscle mass. With Accomplix SF, you get the proven stimulant free fat burner known as garcinia cambogia, and otherwise you have some good ingredients.

Accomplix SF

Accomplix SF has just as many ingredients that are completely unrelated to weight loss. For example, they have hoodia gordonii.

Hoodia gordonii has actually been proven to have no known benefits, not just limited to appetite suppression.

And unfortunately, the fact is that Accomplix SF does not have the right amounts of any of these ingredients. Glucomannan would require about 1000mg, coleus forskohlii 1000mg or more, and garcinia cambogia about 1500mg. so obviously, they are not going to c