Accelis is a stimulant free alternative to your normal diet pill that will apparently “help you to lose 10.65 pounds fast.” They claim to have clinical studies that show these results, and we have to question what “fast” is supposed to be. But the idea of it being stimulant free attracts many consumers to believe that they could see results without the side effects they are so used to.


They use all caffeine free ingredients including caffeine green tea and lagerstroemia speciosa l extract. Some studies have been conducted on lagerstroemia speciosa l extract, and they have shown modest results. But we are not entirely sure where they get the 10.65 pounds or otherwise.



  • They don’t actually have really proven ingredients in proven amounts.

The proven amounts of their one proven ingredient are far higher, and in truth all teas promote weight loss because they have caffeine, not because they use antioxidants. Without caffeine, they do not actually promote that fat burning or weight loss in general. As a whole, Accelis has a number of unlisted and potentially harmful fillers and preservatives. They don’t really have active weight loss ingredients in the right amounts, and it will only cause side effects.


You will not lose weight with Accelis.

It’s an imitation of a real product, and frankly the fact that it is stimulant free doesn’t give you anything but false reassurance in the beginning.

When you don’t see results we would suggest returning it, though the best idea would be to not bother with it in the first place as you won’t see the results you want.