AcaiMax Cleanse

The AcaiMax Cleanse formula talks about helping you to flatten your stomach, lose weight without diet and exercise, and you can finally get the highest antioxidant cleanse available on today’s market. With AcaiMax Cleanse, you will finally be able to get the results seen on NBC, ABC, in Time and the Wallstreet Journal, and otherwise wherever you may go. They claim that AcaiMax Cleanse has all of the right approaches to success.


  • There are no real pros with AcaiMax Cleanse.


AcaiMax Cleanse has only one ingredient known as acai. Yes, it has been hyped quite extensively. But while acai has various benefits, they do not include weight loss.

AcaiMax Cleanse

Acai is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and it even has good fatty acids.

  • However, in no way does acai actually promote greater fat burning or weight loss.

It definitely does not cleanse the body! And ultimately speaking, unfortunately enough, acai does not actually promote any cleansing benefits. There are other specified ingredients for that. They don’t list any other ingredients.


We would not recommend bothering with AcaiMax Cleanse.

They use a “free trial offer” to trap you into buying their product, and then they make it a long and arduous and frankly quite impossible process to actually cancel the auto ship.

With this in mind, AcaiMax Cleanse does not actually have anything listed outside of acai, a simple fruit that does not promote any of these results. And all in all, there are far better options out there for your greater success and benefits.