Acai is an ever popular weight loss ingredient. It was first recognized by Dr Perricone as one of his top 10 superfoods, and ever since then, the media has run wild with it. They have talked about acai this, acai that.They have claimed it to be the #1 superfood, said it would cleanse the body, burn fat, and just about everything else you could imagine. But the question is, how much of this, if any, is actually true?



Acai is a superfruit.

It is rich in vitamins and potentially powerful antioxidants, and it can have certain effects when it comes right down to it.



However, while acai does have certain nutrients, it does not actually have any weight loss components.

This being said, acai does not actually burn fat, and it does not actually show you any results when it comes to weight loss results. It can complement certain weight loss formulas. For example, cleanses can use vitamins to avoid certain side effects. However, it should never be a signature or main ingredient. Acai is not an active weight loss ingredient by any definition.


We would not recommend using acai for weight loss. There are plenty of acai based products out there. But frankly, most of them focus on the acai fruit as some miracle weight loss supplement that it is not.

And ultimately speaking, they always seem to use “free trial offers”, which mean that you are going to end up paying for an expensive auto ship that you don’t actually know about from the beginning. So we would definitely recommend finding something else.