Acai Pure

A newly introduced formula meant for real weight loss, Acai Pure talks about giving you one of the most effective options available. It seems to have replaced a product formerly known as Acai Burn, and they promise that Acai Pure will finally help you to remove harmful toxins, gain more energy, fight fatigue, and get a 100% satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind. With Acai Pure, you can lose more weight while also achieving greater health with the power of acai. But the question is, does Acai Pure actually work?


  • Acai Pure does not have any real pros.


We assume that Acai Pure uses acai. However, they do not actually provide any kind of ingredients list.

Acai Pure

They don’t actually give you any of the details that would tell you if Acai Pure was actually going to promote any weight loss results at all.

With this being said, Acai Pure does not have the right ingredients obviously enough, and they rely on the old standby scam of the “free trial offer.”

With all of this in mind, it is obvious that again Acai Pure knows that their product will not work. They are just hoping you won’t notice if they flash enough bright lights in your face.


We would not recommend bothering with Acai Pure. Acai Pure does not actually have the right ingredients or the right amounts for that matter. It does not have what you would need to promote real and lasting weight loss, and ultimately speaking, Acai Pure is just another waste of time and money that will end up causing more side effects and woes than anything else.