Acai Berry Select

Acai Berry Select claims that you will finally be able to lose weight, increase your metabolism, improve your natural fat oxidation, fight fatigue, increase energy, and provide powerful antioxidant support. With Acai Berry Select, you will finally be able to get the most effective and increasingly popular formula on the market for your weight loss needs. It has taken Hollywood by storm as the #1 acai supplement. But does it work?


Acai Berry Select has caffeine and green tea, two ingredients which can help you to thermogenically burn more fat and give you the better results that you are looking for. With Acai Berry Select, you can therefore ideally speaking get better results.

Acai Berry Select


Unfortunately, Acai Berry Select does not actually have the right amounts of these ingredients.

They don’t actually have enough caffeine or green tea to burn more fat, and frankly speaking, l-theanine and acai do not burn fat or promote weight loss at all.

With this in mind, the simple fact is that this formula can cause some caffeine related side effects. But it cannot actually promote any weight loss results.


  • We would not recommend using Acai Berry Select.

It will not show you the results that you are looking for, and ultimately speaking, it will cause more side effects than anything else. Acai Berry Select is just another waste of time and money, and there are more problems with it than anything else. Luckily, there are far better options out there that don’t actually have to scam you into buying their product with media hype or something like a “free trial offer.”