Acai Berry 500

Acai Berry 500 is a popular product now formulated with a doctor’s help apparently. They sell through multiple third party retailers such as, and they claim that its powerful antioxidant benefits will help you to lose weight because of this amazing little purple berry. They of course use extract with acai’s extremely short shelf life at best. But the question is, is acai really the #1 superfruit and everything else that they tout it to be?


Acai is a powerful antioxidant, and though it’s beat by blueberries among others, it can give you the results offered with that.

The right acai amount isn’t really all that hard to get, and many have found that acai products are beneficial to their health.

Acai Berry 500


Acai does not promote weight loss, and relying purely on that is a faulty mechanism of action. The acai berry is just another fruit like a blueberry or strawberry.

They used to rely on a “free trial offer” to make their sales and have since had to change their methods after hundreds if not thousands of consumers complained about the expensive and undisclosed auto ship that followed it.

They realistically don’t have any other weight loss ingredients, and obviously, that means that they don’t have any weight loss ingredients.


This product is based on entirely false reasoning to say the least. It will not promote weight loss, and it won’t give you the results you are looking for at all. It will just produce more disappointment and frustration when you don’t lose more weight and frankly when you don’t see greater results.