Abs+ is a Genuine Health product that they say will not only help you to burn fat and lose weight, it will help you to effectively speaking target belly fat. With Abs+, you will finally get those 6 pack abs that you have dreamed of and have always been just out of reach, and you will effectively boost metabolism for the leaner and healthier body that you want. With Abs+, they say that you will finally get all that you could not get before.


Abs+ does have some good ingredients. It has CLA, which has been proven to promote a natural fat burning effect while building lean muscle mass for long term results if used correctly.

They also have green tea, which has been proven potentially speaking effective through hundreds of valid clinical studies.



  • Abs+ does not have the right amounts of any of these ingredients.

Ultimately speaking, CLA requires at least 4500mg and they have a grand total of 1456mg. Likewise, with green tea, it also has only a fraction of what would actually be needed to promote greater weight loss results. So obviously, Abs+ will not actually come through in the ways you would need to show greater results.


We would not recommend using Abs+. It will not help you to lose any weight, and it will not help you to achieve any greater results.

This being said, Abs+ does not actually have the right amounts of anything, and ultimately speaking, there is no way to actually target belly or any other area of fat anyway.

You just burn fat in general. So we would definitely recommend that you find something else.