Abdominal Cuts

Abdominal Cuts is a Revolution product that uses good fats and yellow capsules in a clear bottle to apparently give you the fat burning results that you want by supporting a thermogenic effect within the body and building lean muscle mass at the same time. They claim you will see the results you are looking for without actually using stimulants or otherwise causing side effects.


They use CLA and other good fats. CLA in particular has been proven to reduce fat and build more lean muscle mass in the process. CLA is one of the most revolutionary ingredients without stimulants to hit the recent market, and of course their formula at large works without stimulants and without side effects.

Abdominal Cuts


CLA if used in doses of 3000-4500mg only actually produces an extra 3 pounds of weight loss, not necessarily in fat over the space of a year. So that’s not really as significant as you would have imagined.

Moreover, they actually only use about 700mg, which is deficient to even produce those results.

You could we supposed multiply your dose. But your bottle would only last a few days at best, and that is a lot of money to spend to say the least. Their other ingredients in all reality have nothing to do with weight loss, and they should not be there.


  • We would not recommend using Abdominal Cuts.

It doesn’t show the results you are looking for, and it doesn’t actually help you to get rid of any fat or weight in general. This formula is not meant for your greater success, and we would hope that you would find something else that produces real results.