8Zone talks about helping you to lose more weight and achieve better results. They say that 8Zone is the good, healthy formula that will finally help you to stay fit and get the best health results that you want, meaning eliminating the problems that are holding you back, helping you to replenish your body, and otherwise giving you the science of weight loss and the success that you are looking for.


  • 8Zone does have quite a few healthy fruits and vegetables.

These can help you to get vitamins and minerals your body needs while citrus aurantium and green tea for example burn fat.


They don’t use the clinically proven amounts of any of their fat burners, and while fruits and vegetables can be healthy, they do not actually promote weight loss.

They do not burn fat, suppress appetite, or anything else when put into a pill, and obviously they cannot really be part of your diet again in a pill.

When it comes right down to it, this product is based on a big name of a celebrity that everybody gets excited about. But ultimately he doesn’t know anything about creating a diet pill, and it shows.


  1. We would not recommend falling for 8Zone.
  2. They give you a “risk free trial offer.”
  3. And then they take all your information so that they can email, call, and otherwise harass you to try to get you to buy their product before telling you that you will be paying $150 and won’t even get all of your money back if you don’t like it within 30 days.

Or rather you won’t get your money back when you discover you don’t like it. This being said, 8Zone will not help you to lose weight, and you would be much better off using something else.