8-FX by MRI apparently targets the 8 major causes of weight gain, your body holding onto fat, and otherwise you having excess weight to deal with. They claim that they support metabolism, fat oxidation, optimal thyroid health, increased focus, increased energy, higher mood, thermogenic activity, and cAMP breakdown in general.

They also claim that it focuses on BMI, fat percentage, and waist measurements in general. So with all of these criterium, you have to ask, does 8-FX really work? Does 8-FX give you the greater results that you are looking for?


8-FX has some of the right ingredients such as raspberry ketones. Raspberry ketones have been shown to reduce weight gain in rats fed a high fat diet and even promote some weight loss depending on the particular rat. If their claims are accurate, they would also target many of the major causes of weight gain and maintenance.

8-FX pills


  • They don’t actually have the right combinations.

They lack the right amounts of each ingredient, and their ingredients are common at best. Yes, there are powerful ingredients. But without the clinically proven amounts, you aren’t actually going to get any greater benefits. Most of these ingredients have nothing to do with weight loss at all. So they should not be there. Yohimbine in particular causes heart attack, stroke, and otherwise kidney and liver problems .


We would not recommend buying 8-FX. It doesn’t have the right elements, and it can cause various problems.

8-FX will not help you to lose weight, and frankly it will cause side effects that far outweigh any possible benefits even with the ingredients included being used in the right amounts.

We would recommend staying away from this product.