7-Keto has quickly risen to the top in terms of popularity in diet pills. It has been used in some cases to actually help you to burn fat without using any stimulants they say, and it also has a patented form known as 7-Keto DHEA. They claim that 7-Keto will be the ultimate solution, and it will only require small amounts that anybody could get in order to achieve weight loss results.


7-Keto only requires about 200mg to work, which is extremely small. Caffeine based ingredients like green tea require at least 400mg.


This being said, it would be extremely easy to afford and use just enough of the basic form of 7-Keto, let alone the patented version as opposed to other ingredients, and it’s completely stimulant free while being proven to actually work.


  • Most companies still are not likely to use the right amounts.

While they only require about 200mg twice daily, a lot of companies use something like 50mg for example. So obviously, you have to watch out. You can’t just assume that because they use this ingredient, it will work out.


  • We would definitely recommend using 7-Keto. It will give you the results that you are looking for, and ultimately speaking, 7-Keto is far better than many other options that we have seen.

This being said, we would definitely recommend looking into more valid products that happen to also use this product. They are well worth the time and energy to find, and they can be quite rewarding in terms of meeting your goals.