7-DFB is a powerful detoxifying formula that is meant to be used on a 7 day basis. Essentially you use it 7 days and then you take 7 days off, and it is meant to detoxify your body, get rid of pounds of waste, and help your body to function in a more efficient way to burn more fat in all reality. They estimate that you could actually lose 8.75 pounds in your first 7 days. And it could get you moving on your way to real weight loss success.


They have a powerful detoxifying formula. It is actually meant for success and to help you in general to get the job done.

It will put your body back in working order, and it has 30 all natural cleansing ingredients that will help you to achieve the results you want.


You can use it on a long term basis should you choose, and it’s unlikely to cause common side effects to detoxifiers. With this blend, you could even avoid side effects sometimes associated with a basic cleanser that does not go the extra mile like 7-DFB does.


  • Unfortunately, you can only use it in 7 day cycles with 7 days off in between.


We would definitely recommend using 7-DFB.

You can easily use it to jump start your diet. But you can also use it for a long term diet pill should you choose to do so.

You can use this formula to see greater results as a whole, and you will not see the same results with many other products in general terms.