5 Factor Diet

The 5 Factor Diet is a diet developed around the #5. It is developed by a famous Hollywood trainer, Harley Pasternak, and he claims that with his books you will see a better body and better health in just 5 weeks. They apparently have various steps and otherwise to help you along the way, and in general terms, were you to use the diet over and over, the book is just one price.


It’s fairly cheap, and they use some common sense approaches such as making easy meals that are also healthy, having about 25 minute workouts with different exercises, eating 5 small meals per day instead of the regular 3 large meals for many individuals. Essentially they break everything up so anybody could understand it.

5 Factor Diet


They use common sense, but that’s not something you really need to pay for. I mean do you really need to pay him to tell you that you need to eat 5 smaller meals per day rather than 3 big ones?

Do you really need him to tell you that you need to effectively work out? And frankly speaking, what happens when you find the scientific studies that are now saying that you need at least 1 hour of cardio every day!

That goes against his obviously flawed advice. Do you really need him to tell you all of these things that realistically speaking you already know? No, so why would you pay for it.


We would not recommend spending your money on the 5 Factor Diet. It could help you to lose weight if you actually followed it. But then again, these are all things that you should actually know on your own and could follow without anybody telling you what it is you should be doing or otherwise.